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More Walking Talk

Picking up from last week, we’re looking for opportunities to talk more with our kids about what it looks like to live as a Christian—what it means for them to walk instead of crawl as they grow to be more like Jesus.

You might be tempted to see the bullet-pointed list of commands in the middle of Romans 12 as a kind of legalistic, performance-motivated approach to being a Christian. But to actually follow the list, you’d have to give up that idea. There’s no room in those one-liners for the pride of performance.

Instead, Paul describes what is looks like in everyday life to be a living sacrifice. (See verses 1-3.)

What we should want for our children as they grow in Christ is to do what is so hard for us—to set themselves aside, to give themselves away, to commit without fear to enjoying God and trusting Him to meet every need. Maybe that starts with a conversation with us about what this walk should look like.

We hope a few of the following questions will help with that.

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Daily Prayer

Ask God to help your child not to get the details of God’s commands wrong. (See Gen. 3:2-3.)

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