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Conversation Starters

A few ideas each week you can use at the table, in the car, or any time an opportunity comes along to talk with your kids about wisdom and God's Word.

No Reluctant Father

Is your child convinced—are you—that God’s love for him or her is eager, joyful, tender, and complete? God is no reluctant Father. He doesn’t take us on as a burden or an obligation or a government program.

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Bigger Love

Is there a more important truth to communicate to anyone than the fact that they are loved by the God of the universe? It’s an easy thing to say, “God loves you, and so do I,” but parents play a key role in convincing children that is is possible for them to be loved both because of and in spite of themselves.

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Practical Faith

What does it mean, really, to trust God, to “have faith”? One opportunity we have as Real World Parents is to show our kids exactly what trusting God looks like, both in our daily lives and in the ways we talk with them about walking in God’s wisdom.

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Praying Together

How we pray in front of our kids over time might teach them more about how we think of God—and what we think is most important for people—than any number of family devotions or Sunday School lessons. So this week we’re suggesting making time to pray together with your child in a specific way for some specific people.

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Responding to Sadness

We know days or even seasons of sadness can be par for all of us, but that doesn’t make it easier to watch our kids struggle with loneliness or depression or “the blues.” And those kinds of feelings are a lot more common this time of year—maybe especially this year.

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More about Grace

If your child has grown up in a Christian home and church, he or she has probably heard all about the grace of God repeatedly. But especially for kids—whose lives are dominated by behavior and performance and reward and consequence—we just can’t talk enough about God’s free gift of love and acceptance and eternal life.

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Jesus Above All

During Christmastime, our kids hear a lot about Jesus being the reason for the season. Now that Christmas is winding down, we want to say again that Jesus is the reason for every season, not just the holidays. All of life is His story.

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Daily Prayer

Ask God to help your child not to get the details of God’s commands wrong. (See Gen. 3:2-3.)

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