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Craig McCourt

Location: Edina, MN 55439

Together with his wife, Shirley, and two teenage sons, Craig lives just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Craig has been in the Minneapolis area for more than 15 years serving,  full time as youth minister with SPLAT Youth Ministry at Cross View Lutheran Church in Edina. He is also the founder of GodPonders ministries and .

Craig has served in youth and family ministry for 25 years. His experience includes having spoken in schools, at camps, and to church groups both large and small. Over the years he has been blessed to have the opportunity to speak both internationally as well as in many different places across the United States.

Craig brings a high level of energy, humor and passion to whomever he speaks. Craig’s passion to share Christ’s awesome power and presence together with his ability to hold the attention of an audience from Jr. High through adults makes Him a great choice for any conference, camp or seminar.

His mission is to: “Share Christ through the great stories of Scripture and Life.”

“I have heard Craig McCourt preach, teach, and talk on numerous occasions. He is an excellent communicator and presenter for all age levels, and uses a style that is engaging, relevant, and inspiring. He is also adept at using humor to communicate points and make them more memorable. Based on my experience, Craig’s message will not disappoint you.”Dan Haupt - Christ Memorial Lutheran Church - Madison, WI

Craig has an opening for November 2011 and a couple openings in 2012
em>For more information on Craig’s Ministry and booking a Real World Workshop in the midwest, visit:</em>
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