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DVD: Star Trek

PG-13 for sci-fi action and violence and brief sexual content

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The Story

In J.J. Abram’s reboot of the original “Star Trek” series, Kirk (Chris Pine) is born on the day his father is killed in an attack by a massive Romulan mining ship from the distant future. He eventually joins Starfleet Academy, where he meets Dr. Bones McCoy (Karl Urban), communications expert Uhura (Zoe Saldana), and the half human/half Vulcan Mr. Spock (Zachariy Quinto).

The cadets join Captain Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) on the maiden mission of the Starship Enterprise in response to a distress call from the Vulcan home world. Upon arriving, they find the planet under attack by the same Romulan Captain Nero (Eric Bana) that killed Kirk’s father years earlier and now seeks revenge on both current Spock and his future self—as well as the whole Vulcan race.

Before they can defeat Nero, though, Spock and Kirk will have to work out which of them is in charge. They find help from some surprising sources.

Content Issues

The rating comes mostly from action violence, which includes some blood and onscreen deaths, as well as an enormous off-screen body count. Also, Kirk is building his rep as a womanizer; we see him in bed shirtless with a green lady and see a couple of women in their underwear. God’s name is used for swearing, along with a few milder profanities.

Worldview Talking Points

If you are even a nominal fan of the “Star Trek” franchise, you’re as likely to enjoy this well-reviewed reboot at least as much as your teen son or daughter. Director J.J. Abrams and his team succeed in making an excellent actioner that manages to satisfyingly reference all things “Trek” while also building in a lot of new fun.

“Star Trek” creator Gene Rodenberry’s overtly humanistic, evolutionary worldview perspectives get very little mention here. Instead, Abrams focuses what little moral perspective there is on the character choices of Kirk, Spock, and the villain Nero.

We hope a few of the questions below might transport you into a helpful conversation with your son or daughter.

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Jeff Brantly on May 21, 2009 said...

We saw the movie on opening day (without the kids). I grew up watching reruns of the original series and have watched the newer movies and most of the spin-off series as well.
Abrams’ rebooting of the story line wasn’t bad. Your review has covered things very well, but there is one more aspect that needs to be mentioned: self sacrifice.
This is not a Christian movie. None of the series or movies related to Star Trek is overtly Christian. At the same time…there is a theme of self sacrifice that many Christians would find familiar. The act of laying down one’s life to save the lives of others is a recurrent theme in the recent “Star Trek” movie as well as past movies and, in particular, several episodes of the series “Enterprise”.
Intentional or not, the creators and writers have embraced Christian ideals.

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