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Father/Daughter Reading Record

Do you read with your kids? I bet you’ll want to do it more after you read this great piece in the New York Times about how Jim Brozina read to his daughter Kristen for thousands of nights in a row.

For 3,218 nights (and some mornings, if Mr. Brozina was coming home too late to read), The Streak went on. It progressed from James Marshall’s picture books about George and Martha (two close friends who happen to be hippos) to middle-school classics like “When Zachary Beaver Came to Town” to the 14 Oz books (which they read four times each), to Harry Potter, Agatha Christie, Dickens and Shakespeare, continuing on, until Kristen’s first day of college.

It’s a touching story, and it seems to have helped set the course for this girl’s life. It made me wonder both about the power of reading with our kids, about what content is worth reading with our kids, and about what other things besides reading we can do on a daily basis with our kids that will help shape the course of their lives. Do you have any daily practices that you hope to see—or have already seen—bearing fruit in your child’s life? Do you do anything intentionally on a daily basis to build wisdom into the mind of your child?

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