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Activities for your family to help your kids develop grow and develop wisdom.

What’s the Big Idea?

How many stories did you and your kids take in this last week? This month? This year so far? If you count every TV show, every movie, every book, every article, every video game, it adds up.

Now think about this: Every story comes with a point, a perspective on life, a way in which it attempts to reflect the teller’s idea of what is true or meaningful or even just interesting. In short, almost every story comes packed with at least one big idea about something.

The question that motivates this month’s activity is, how are we…

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Love Jar

One of the most familiar Bible passages about love is found 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. This month’s activity is designed to get your family noticing examples of that kind of love in how you treat and respond to each other.

Try This

When your family is together, bring out an empty jar (or other container) and explain that for the next week or so, this is going to be the “love jar.”

Hand out to each member of your family a piece of paper with 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 printed out on it and then have someone read it out…

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Family Year in Review

Wherever you plug into entertainment or news or web culture, you’ve likely witnessed the parade of “best of” and “top 10” lists for the previous year—and previous decade. We’re suggesting an activity this month that takes advantage of that human impulse to collect and catalog for the purpose of helping your family gain wisdom from a little reflection of the past year.

Try This:

Plan to have a year-in-review session for an hour or two sometime when your family can all be together—or you could break it up into a year-in-review week of 10-15 segments at a meal time…

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Mean Christmas

The big idea behind this activity is to shock and surprise your children by ruining Christmas. Okay, that’s not the final goal. What we want to do is to help our kids break out of the glut of artificial emotion tied to the Christmas season and get a better understanding of how the gift of Jesus was a gift of grace—something none of us deserved.

Part of what we’re up to with students, especially, is to subvert their expectations to get them to look at truth from new angles. By the time they reach the teens, students can begin to…

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Moment Soakers

We’re totally stealing the idea for this month’s family activity from Daniel Smith of the music group Danielson. They will shortly be releasing a new song in conjunction with Weathervane Music called “Moment Soakers.”

The song describes a game Daniel’s large and musical family plays called “Enjoy the Now.” Here’s how the song starts:

Everyday, twice a day, mornings and evenings, my family and I play a game we made from Grandpa

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Media Log

We all know there are downsides to mindless eating. When we stop thinking about what we put in our mouths, we tend to eat the easiest, quickest, and tastiest foods. Unfortunately, those foods also tend to be the least nutritious, most fattening, and even destructive to our health.

As parents, we see part of our role as making sure our kids eat moderately healthy when they’re small and begin to take responsibility for choosing some healthy foods for themselves as they get older.

Sometimes we pay less attention to our diet of media than even to what we eat.…

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Family Toasts

Giving a toast is usually something associated with a wedding or exercises in public speaking. It often involves drinking to something, but for this month’s activity with your family we’ll assume it doesn’t necessarily include alcohol. (Smart, huh?)

We recently linked to a blog that gave six tips for helping kids to become better at face-to-face communication. One suggestion was to involve kids in making toasts for special occasions or as a part of regular family dinners. What a great idea!

Not only will assigning a toast to each member of your family help them…

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